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Looking for a Mature Community

2012-05-16 16:07:58 by VincentMillicent

Hello Newgrounds users!

I have just made an account here to post art, play games and perhaps make some friends. I am a digital artist that has recently been shoved away from Deviant Art for having drawn and posted art that DA did not find suitable. After my eight years of posting there I have seen to many artists get banned for drawing homosexual images or writings. I shake my head at this and after today's events I am willing to move on and say goodbye to DA and hello to Newgrounds.

So please, if I offend you just talk to me. I am an easy going person that is just looking to share her art with the world. I am into some video games, mostly the Assassins Creed, Metal Gear Solid, and Resident Evil series. With of course a few other stand alone titles like Catherine. I also drum on Rock Band 3 and do vocals.

If you have any questions about me, feel free to ask.

Candice Robertson


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2012-05-17 08:06:25

You came to the right place. NG was pretty much founded on stuff most other sites wouldn't touch at the time, and deliberately shocking / offensive things are still a large part of this site's personality.

Of course, you do get the generic puritan whiners that you find on DA, but they're just ignored on NG. Simple as that. As long as it's not outright racist, stolen and / or illegal, you can upload whatever the hell you like here. :D

VincentMillicent responds:

Thank you so much for the welcome.